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We live in a country that has the best health-care in the world, and I believe and have fought to help all have access to it. A strong economy is vital to provide for our families, to educate our children and to keep our families healthy. I work in the finance industry to help people be prepared to have financial security and I bring this expertise to help residence of the state be able to rely on a strong economy. Even in these times of financial strain, Utah was named the “Best Managed State in the Nation” because of the Legislature’s fiscal discipline.

Serving House District 38

Just like you, there is nothing more important in my life than my family. That is why I work so hard to make our state and our community the best place for all of our families. I believe that in Utah we can have a World Class Education, Affordable Healthcare, and a Strong Economy. I have fought for increased funding to education each year and am committed to getting our schools the resources they need. As a part of this effort I was awarded Legislator of the Year from the Council for Exceptional Children and endorsed by the Utah Education Association.

Recognized by many for his great accomplishments.

Representative Eric Hutchings has tremendous passion and works aggressively for the people in his district. His understanding of the budget and his leadership roles make him one of the most effective legislators. The voters in your area have an ally in Utah’s Legislature. I am proud to support Representative Hutchings.

Gary HerbertGovernor, State of Utah

Eric has been a great legislator and friend for many years. He is a great partner for West Valley City and all citizens in the state of Utah. You should be proud to call him your representative. Please vote to re-elect Eric Hutchings today!

Ron BigelowMayor, West Valley City

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How is Eric Making Utah Better?

The purpose of this bill is to provide funding for children with non-progressive neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida, and who have experienced an acute change in their functional status, and will benefit from continued physical and occupational therapy.

“It’s my crusade to 10-times that fund”  

“It’s my crusade to 10-times that fund”  

“It’s my crusade to 10-times that fund”  

“It’s my crusade to 10-times that fund”  

“It’s my crusade to 10-times that fund”  

“It’s my crusade to 10-times that fund”  

Representative Eric Hutchings

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