Just Like You

There is nothing more important in my life than my family. That is why I work so hard to make our state and our community the best place for all of our families. I believe that in Utah we can have a World Class Education, Affordable Healthcare, and a Strong Economy. I have fought for increased funding to education each year and am committed to getting our schools the resources they need. As a part of this effort I was awarded Legislator of the Year from the Council for Exceptional Children and endorsed by the Utah Education Association.

Utahn's Future Financial Security

We live in a country that has the best health-care in the world, and I believe and have fought to help all have access to it. A strong economy is vital to provide for our families, to educate our children and to keep our families healthy. I work in the finance industry to help people be prepared to have financial security and I bring this expertise to help residence of the state be able to rely on a strong economy. Even in these times of financial strain, Utah was named the “Best Managed State in the Nation” because of the Legislature’s fiscal discipline.

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